Impersonation mail management system


On-premise Service

Perfect mail security solution

RealMail verifies the sender directly to provide convenience to the user and implement security integrity

Demonstrated technical skills by obtaining patents and certifications for impersonation mail management

  • Invited to the 2021 CSCI

  • Received 1st Grade of GS certification

  • Received KOLAS certificate

  • Patent for impersonation mail management

  • Selected as an innovative item for industrial convergence

Invited to the 2021 CSCI
(The International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence)

A Novel Traceback Technology for E-mail Sender Verification, SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) : Developed and verified a new E-mail sender verification system based on reply code

Intuitive interface,

Comprehensive information about the mail server can be checked at a glance

Defend against security incidents

Established mail security system with impersonation mail management function and impersonation mail blocking function

Domain verification Mail server verification Account verification Verification of outgoing mail server Private mail server verification

RealMail functions and features

  • User friendly

    - Checking the sender details directly

    - Setting flexible policies for each user

    - Creating a report with selected information you want

    - The administrator can resend and delete it for the user

  • Integrity

    - Detailed analysis of received mail and proper measure

    - Checking the sender details directly

    - Setting up a blocking mailing list

    - Keyword registration and blocking function

  • Intuition

    - Function to add and manage intuitive white/blacklist

    - Simple default setting based on domain

    - ON-OFF intuitive security policy setting

    - Checking the contents of the mail header

  • Efficiency

    - Convenient searching for mail

    - Creating an administrator account and controlling access

    - Setting up a blocking function for receiving mails by country

    - Alarm setting and automatic backup of database

    - Applying policy by group

Complete security tailored to your environment

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