IoT Security

Scalability, Visibility

IoT security system with high access blocking rate Join us for the launch of the next generation

PLC Firewall

Technology to detect and block threats to
defend against PLC security attacks

S/W to prevent illegal access to your intranet to ensure the availability of control systems from cyber-attack threats to major infrastructure such as pipelines

  • Developing S/W for ICS/SCADA Network that protects PLC from security threats
  • Developing and installing user environment technology so that it can operate in an optimized form by reflecting the installation location, characteristics, environment of use, etc.
  • Implementing control system that performs unauthorized access at the control application layer level
  • Providing a platform to prevent illegal access to DNP3 analysis-based control systems

KOLAS certified organization: "Unauthorized Packet
Blocking System" Test report certificate

Smart Security Module

Energy saving smart lighting platform

Security module with 99% success rate of blocking
IoT security access to improve vulnerability of smart lighting

  • Researching and developing IoT security modules that support data and control-based security and Trust & Privacy security features
  • Developing device and GW lightweight authentication technology, control bridge hacking prevention technology
  • Developing device and network data protection technologies

Domestic patent: Whitelist security methods and systems
for IoT-based multi-framework smart lighting systems

Application field

Various countries operate national infrastructure such as water purification plants, power plants, substations, etc. through PLC.

  • Multipurpose dam
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Oil reservoir

Application field

It can be used in various spaces such as residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor lighting, etc.
As shown below, it can be applied to various services based on the IoT platform

Iot field of application