to reduce unnecessary time consumption and increase stability

Callers receive only confirmed characters
Complete smishing blocking solution implemented using patented technology


RealSMS automatically goes through the sender verification process for received messages

  • Check 01

    Random ad messages that don't need to be checked

  • Check 02

    A malicious message impersonating a company

  • Check 03

    Smishing impersonating an acquaintance

Simple usage through the application

Realsms Application
  • 1. You can create your own custom list.


    When a user sends a message, that number is automatically
    added to the permission list and can be freely received.

  • 2. Designate a blocking list to prevent unwanted messages from receiving.


    Unwanted numbers can be completely blocked by adding them to the blocking list

  • 3. Only receive texts from verified people


    Even if the text is on hold, the text will be received immediately when the sender is confirmed